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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 11, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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episode one. she distracts the easily amused. >> i am your father. >> and so that's pretty delusional. >> from the tea party over and over again, we're hearing the words "no," "defund" "delay". >> absolutely. >> what have you got on this ship, anyhow? >> no! >> this gets to one of the key points. >> they describe you as aggressive, arrogant and abrasive. accurate? >> i don't know that you can believe everything you read. >> so i'm going to read it to you. sam, i am. >> to quote rush limbaugh. >> it feels like we've lost a war to a communist country to me. >> i think there will be another war over obama care. >> these aren't the droids you're looking for. >> and the winner of that war will be the side that tells the truth, and states the facts. >> the winner of the war is going to be the person who tells
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the truth? say billo, you better tell that to your buddy at 10:00, because he's been lying better than anybody in the business when it comes to health care in this country. you know, last week on this program, i started the segment on this program asking you, who do you trust? who do you trust when it comes to your news? and i told a story about how when i was growing up with walter cronkite, holy smokes, that's the way it was. and "620 minutes" was kind of the same way. boy, have times really changed, huh? question is, who do you trust when it comes to obama care? all the lies and the misinformation have now infiltrated the sunday talking heads. that's right, on sunday, fox news took their misinformation campaign to the next level, with their signature sunday talk show, fox news sunday. heck, hannity could have been anchoring it. chris wallace interviewed two business guys, two businessmen, who recently got cancellation notices on their health insurance. take a look at this.
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>> stephen curry joins us from chicago. kay joiner is in atlanta. they're both businessmen who have lost their health care plans. >> my out of pocket for my family is $3500. and everything else is paid at 100%. the closest thing i could find that's comparable, as they say, was a $12,000 out of pocket for my family. so there's a huge difference in there. and i looked through all the different plans. >> i had my policy in affordable care act for over three-and-a-half years and received a letter stating temperatures going to be cancelled. i called around and found out the same policy would cost me almost $500 a month and i found that not acceptable. i'm a small business owner. i have eight employees. i have to make a payroll every week and that sort of increase is hard to manage. >> now, let me give you the entire story. these two guys, they have clear agendas. let's take the guy on the left. we have here now steven curry, certified financial planner. but hidden at the bottom of his
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bio is the real reason he appeared on fox news sunday. it reads, as an undergrad, steve spent a great deal of time studying the alternatives of universal health care. really? you mean, he's not a fan? occcurry isn't exactly what you would call a fair and balanced guest. then you've got this other dude on the right. turns out that cade joiner, well, he used to be the chairman of the georgia college republican party, how about that? that makes i guess you could say, two fair and balanced guests to talk about obama care? question mark? steve curry and cade joiner are republicans with agendas who have always hated the democrats and obama care from day one. this type of reporting is par for the course for fox news. i just want to make sure we all know it's even on the sunday show, where it's supposed to be all journalism. few weeks ago, sean hannity interviewed five people, count ep, five people with real
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stories about obama care, causing them tremendous harm. did some actual reporting on the real stories and it turns out obama care would have saved these people thousands of dollars if they enrolled in obama care. the guests with the uninsured child due to a preexisting condition would receive coverage at a lower cost. then, of course, we have the kids of the curvy couch. their lies of misinformation take the cake. >> we have a special guest with us here. her breast cancer is in remission, fantastic news. but you say if you were diagnosed a year from now, your story might be different, based on the care that is going to be provided by obama care, correct? >> well, they really will. obama care takes a disproportionate hit on cancer patients. >> really? saying obama care could have killed a cancer patient is a scare tactic, it's dangerous and flat-out wrong.
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obama care ends cancer being a preexisting condition. it also provides free preventative care, including annual mammograms, and the lies are just absolutely endless on fox news. meanwhile, here on "the ed show," of course, we brought you stories of people who obama care will impact in a very positive way. which, of course, we don't see too much of in the media. these people don't have political agendas. they just got some real health issues. they are real people with real stories who need help. 25-year-old lymphoma survivor, dan seeko, told me obama care will be a life-changer for him. >> so now, with obama care kicking in, what are you going to be able to do? >> well, i'm going to be able to get health insurance with my preexisting condition. >> and, is that a life-changer for you? >> absolutely. that's without question. >> i mean, it takes the pressure off. >> takes the pressure off me and everyone else. it gives me a second chance at life. i get the health care that i need to get better.
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>> real basic stuff. he is in. he's covered. i also spoke with stacy ritter. she is the mother of twin girls who were diagnosed with cancer. stacy told me, without obama care her daughters would be in real trouble. >> my identical twin girls are cancer survivors. they have bone marrow transplants when they were 4 years old and required a lot of extensive medical treatment. very expensive. we capped out our coverage. we filed bankruptcy. had these provisions been in place, that wouldn't have had to happen. now we're protected from that. my girls can no longer be discriminated against for having a preexisting condition, thanks to obama care. my daughters have access to preventative care they need as cancer survivors. >> and finally, i spoke to one of congressman elijah cummings constituents. she told me obama care would have her protected from these
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greedy insurance companies. >> i started my business, i got sick. and i was not on a corporate plan anymore. and my insurance company dropped me. after i had been ill. $50,000 of bills later within my first year in business, i was speechless. i didn't know what else to do. it was extremely difficult for me. i wish obama care and/or the affordable care act actually had been there for me, because the insurance wouldn't have had the opportunity to do that kind of thing to me. >> now, i think chris wallace at fox news sunday should get our three examples and put them on the sunday show. of course, it's positive news that these people are being helped. the facts are very clear. obama care saves lives and provides higher quality health care for all americans. higher quality health care for all americans. your policy has to have standards. you can hear from real americans here on "the ed show," or you can listen to the republican operatives over on fox news. all of the folks that we have
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put on this program are just average americans who have got some health issues. and now they're just getting a heck of a lot better. they're being given a fighting chance now that there is obama care. i want the to talk about president obama's interview with chuck todd last thursday, where it was reported in the media that the president has apologized to it all of those people out there who were losing their insurance. really? he's apologizing? that's kind of not how i saw the interview. the way i saw the interview was the president was apologizing for the inconvenience that people are having to go through to actually go to a policy where they're going to get some real coverage. the apology should be coming from the conservatives. the conservatives should be apologying for having no plan and no option for any of the people you've just seen illustrated on this program, and they should be apologizing to the 50 million americans who have been without insurance because, dammit, they've been sick!
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the republicans continue their ruthlesses tactics of lying about obama care. and they are so strong and so influential, they have even infiltrated the sunday talk shows. you know what you get on sunday talk shows now? a bunch of conservative crap. you get the truth here on "the ed show" with people who are out in the workplace telling their stories about what is happening to obama care. i challenge one of the sunday shows, go to frankfurt, kentucky and find out just how the heck it's working out. go there on the ground. talk to the people. see what's happening across america. now, a warning again. this would be a positive story. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. can you trust fox news sunday to report the truth on obama care? text a for yes, text b for no to 67622. always go to our blog at
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results later on in the show. fill disclosure. the very first show i ever did on msnbc was about health care. and i pulled out my health care policy, because rates were going up. but see, that was 2009. we had had eight years in the bush administration, where rates were going up 10, 12, 15, 18%. so that was the first show i ever did on this network. i pulled out my policy and showed exactly what we were being charged and where these rates were going. i'm going to do that again. and i'm going to lay out what we have paid for health insurance, and i want to warn you, it is a cadillac plan, or as we do have residency in minnesota and also in new york city, i can go to any hospital i want to. when my wife got cancer, we could go to any hospital we want to. we pay for it, and i'm going to be taxed on that. good! bring it on. because i believe that the 50 million people in this country who don't have health insurance should have it. and if us wealthy guys need to pay a little bit more, too damn bad.
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let's talk about all the people who are being deprived by the conservatives for a moment. for more, let's bring in congressman jim mcdermott of washington. congressman, good to have you with us tonight. i was captivated a little over a week ago in your house hearing about all of the states that have decided not to set up an exchange and all of the residents across america in these states who are being deprived of an opportunity to get coverage. congressman, good to have you with us tonight. >> it's good to be here, ed. >> you know, we played some of the clips. it's a war. the conservatives are saying this is a war. is it a war? is this the ideological, pin california of a fight in america, this obama care? >> this is the furthest that we've gotten in developing a social safety net for americans. we have unemployment insurance, we have social security. we have welfare programs if people don't have money. and now we're going to get a health care system for everybody. we have had one for senior
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citizens and for children. and the republican establishment, the tea party people, are bound and determined to drive us back. and they are starting with health care, and they're trying on social security, and they're trying on medicare. they simply do not want americans to have a safety net of security. they want them always to be anxious, so they would be glad to work and keep working for minimum wage jobs, and they will never have to pay them any pension or anything else. that's the whole goal of this operation. obama care is just one piece of it. it's the most prominent piece of it. >> and congressman, i mean, they'll lie anywhere, any time, any place, anyhow. are the democrats going to have to devote their time to debunking these lies? i mean, this kind of takes you off the trail of actually trying to help people with good government in this country. your thoughts on that.
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>> well, it really does, ed. it's very difficult when all you're doing is dealing with fox news. i was laughing as i was listening to you. i don't know, the people can't tell the difference between fox news and the insurance companies. they're both telling lies about what's happening. the president did not take health insurance away from them. said you could keep it if the insurance companies kept the program the same. but the insurance companies wanted to make more money. so they cancelled the policies, raised the prices, give a few whistles and bells and say this is what we now have. it is all fabricated to destroy the safety net. >> last week, as i referenced in an interview that chuck todd had, a sit-down with the president of the united states and he apologized. it was spun in the media that he was apologizing for obama care. i took it as him apologizing for the inconvenience that people are having to go through to actually have their policies
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upgraded. people are getting cancellation notices because they've got lousy policies. and because they don't deliver the mail for people, so to speak, when it comes to good health care coverage in america. how frustrating is it for you, who have been on the ground floor of this revolutionary type legislation that's going to save american lives, to listen to the spin that is out there when you know it's a lie? >> you know, ed, one of the problems here is that the insurance companies have not only had to upgrade the bad policies, but they have cancelled the good policies they had in the individual market. and they have left a lot of people in the individual market in worse off shape than they were before. they have used this as an opening to drive a mac truck through it, and have really destroyed the individual market again. we're going to be faced with this problem, as we put this thing together, because the insurance companies want as much
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money out of a stone as they can get. they are squeezing it as hard as they can, and the middle class is paying the price. it is -- it is really reprehensible what they have done in this period, as we have rolled into the enrollment period for the affordable care act. >> do you agree with the blanket statement that those states that have taken on the exchanges aren't experiencing anywhere near the problems that the federal exchange is seeing? >> i think that's absolutely correct. it's very easy to see california, washington, oregon, kentucky, new york, connecticut, places where you had a democratic governor and a legislature that was democratic or was willing to face the facts. have taken the needs of the people seriously, and have put together a program, and washington state, we have had a few bumps in the road. i wouldn't say it's perfect. but i would say that we've got way less problems than they have got in tennessee and alabama and all these places, where the
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governments are just -- the governors have just put their head in the sand and legislators stood right next to them and drug their hole and put their head in the sand. they will not face the fact. they say let the federal government do it. but when you do it all from washington, d.c., it's not as good as when it's crafted by people who know the local scene. and know the -- the local situation. our governor and our legislature have been working on this for a couple of years. and they were ready to go, and we got thousands of people who are already enrolled. >> and this is what the conservatives wanted, local control. congressman, jim mcdermott, washington. thanks so much. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts on twitter at ed show and facebook. we would love to hear from you. coming up, governor chris christie makes the rounds on the sunday morning circuit and an unconvincing claim about his goals. plus, senator mike lee makes his iowa debut, and says
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something the republicans just don't want to hear. stay with us.
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and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. time now for the trenders, social media nation, this is where you can find us. show, show. and and on the radio, sirius xm, channel 127, monday through friday, noon to 3:00 p.m., and oh, look out. we've got a big announcement coming up soon. the ed tour, 2014. pumped for it. "the ed show" social media nation has decided and we are reporting. here are today's top trenders voted on by you. >> chris christie. the governor. >> the number three trender. governor love. >> the governor may have his sights set on higher office.
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>> can you play in places like iowa and south carolina? >> governor, how interested are you in running for president in 2016? >> chris christie hits the sunday shows, and skips the 2016 talk. >> what i'm interested in doing is being the governor of new jersey. i'm the governor of new jersey. what i'm focused on is doing my job in the state of new jersey. i'm the governor of new jersey, and my job is to return the state of new jersey. >> the number two trender, no doubt. >> mike lee, i am your father. >> no! >> lee called for a conservative evolution toward pushing conservative ideas, and not just saying no to everything. >> we must become the party of many stream. >> senator mike lee moves away from the gop's just say no policy. >> it is every bit as important to identify those things that we're for. >> the full, unpoll jettic,
5:22 pm
unqualified repeal of obama care. >> no, no, no. >> will continue to say no to those policies we oppose oh . >> today's top trender. bullied. >> gun control is a controversial topic nationwide. >> the second amendment says we shall not be infringed. and in texas, we take that seriously. >> texas gone gun-lovers use intimidation to scare supporters. >> we have got to have stronger gun control laws in this country. there is no reason to wait. as a mom, i demand action. >> joining me now is shannon watts, founder of moms demand action for gun sense in america. his honor unanimous, great to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time. i want you to explain what intimidation your members are going through, and what it is like being a member of this new organization that wants some sensible gun legislation in this country. what happened? >> saturday, our moms met for lunch, four unarmed moms,
5:23 pm
peacefully gathering and exercising their right to asum sem bell. and they all of a sudden looked out the windows, and 40 armed people showed up, pulling long guns out of the backs of their trucks. and in their trucks. so, you know, they were threatening our moms, and they were bullying our moms, and they were using guns to do so. and we see this all around the country. this is just one example of it happening. >> who are these people? >> it's a good question. i mean, these are people who don't respect the law. they don't respect their fellow citizens. they don't respect law enforcement. and they think they are the final arbiters of what is constitutional. >> so four moms who are a member of this organization show up for coffee and these guys just show up? i mean, was this -- this a coffee meeting announced in the media, or was there a press release put out that you're going to be -- what happened here? >> no. this was a private meeting that
5:24 pm
they discussed on facebook. and a member of open care carry texas pretended to be a member so they could find out where he were we were meeting. and suddenly all these people were outside and armed and it was because of our moms. and seeing people intimidate you with guns, i mean, that's something the taliban would approve of, not our founding fathers. that is not what the second amendment is intended to do. >> so i don't want to misuse the term here, but my instinct tells me that these people are trying to disband your organization. i mean, they don't want you to have meetings anymore. how else do we interpret that? >> absolutely. you know, we are not anti gun. we're not against the second amendment. we support people who want to follow the second amendment. but it needs to be more regulated. that's clear in the out of control gun violence epidemic we have in this country. and open carry texas and other gun advocates who think they are
5:25 pm
the final arbiter of the constitution, they don't want us to have those discussions. they don't want us to talk about how we can protect the eight children and teens shot and killed in this country every day. and i'm telling you, i have five children, so i'm familiar with temper tantrums. and this does not phase us. it's not going to stop our conversations. this has to happen, and change will come. and it's unfortunate that they feel the need to use guns to try to intimidate and bully. >> well, now that you know that they follow you on facebook, there are some viewers that might view this as a form of stalking. so your thoughts on that. are these people stalking your members? >> i think that that's an interesting question. the police did not arrest them. the police were called. they were following texas law. but i can tell you, as a member of this organization, i get death threats and threats of sexual violence against myself and my daughters on a daily basis. and, you know, this is an
5:26 pm
underbelly of america that all citizens should understand is out there. and they do not want any kind of regulation of the second amendment whatsoever. >> yeah. i think the word intent comes into play here. what is their intention? their intent must be to intimidate, send a message. now, they were also kind of making fun of the four women, and, of course, we -- these ladies don't want to talk on camera. they are intimidated. they're afraid of where this could go, and what is this going to do to your organization? >> you know, i can tell you that a lot of us just feel strongly that regardless of what is said and what is done, we're going to fight this. it's -- >> how are you going to fight it? >> we're going to fight it with our words. i mean, there are three ways to go after this. through congress, our state legislatures and corporate business policies. and we have won, you know, starbucks changed their business policy. we have had many states pass
5:27 pm
fantastic new, strong, gun legislation. we believe we can get a congress to act on this when we get the right congress in place. we are a growing grass roots movement of over 100,000 members. and that's how we're going to get it done. we're going to have to, you know, fight their bullying and intimidati intimidation. this has happened throughout history. and moms have been on the front lines. and we're going to do it again, regardless of what they do. >> shannon watts, have you ever been an activist before, or is this really your first project? >> never in my entire life. i became an accidental activist on december 15th, 2012, after sandy hook. the day after. and i will never go back until i know all five of my children, and the rest of america are safe from gun violence. >> all right. shannon watts, i appreciate your time tonight. thanks for telling the story. i appreciate it so much. we'll do it again. coming up, "60 minutes" medication a nonapology apology for fueling the -- and i mean fueling, the right wing noise machine. plus, sarah palin's self
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it matters. ♪ on this veterans day, we want to give special tribute to the four surviving members of the dolittle raiders. on april 18th, 1942, in response to the japanese attack on pearl harbor, 80 men in b-25 bombers took off from an aircraft carrier in the pacific on a secret mission to bomb japan. james jimmy dolittle was the leader. the group became known as the dolittle raiders. this weekend, three of the four surviving raiders met for what is believed to be their final toast of cognac to their comrades at the national museum of the u.s. air force in dayton, ohio.
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>> it's really surprising that the public would remember a raid like that so many years ago. >> the dolittle raiders have kept this tradition for more than 50 years. the raid is seen as a turning point in the war and boosted the low morale of america and forced the japanese to reevaluate their strategy. "the ed show" would like to show gratitude today for the brave men and women who have served this country. i'm seema mody with your cnbc market wrap. the dow hit a new record high of 21 points. the s&p 500 gained one and the nasdaq added just shy of one point. oil prices jumped 54 cents to just above $95 a barrel. this after talks with iran over its nuclear program failed. gas prices hit their lowest in nearly three years. aaa says the average price of regular is down 16 cents from a month ago to $3.19 a gallon. and amazon has partnered with the u.s. postal service to deliver online orders on
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on thursday night, when we discovered the account he gave the fbi was different than what he told us, we realized we had been misled and it was a mistake to include him in our report. for that, we are very sorry. the most important thing to every person at "60 minutes" is the truth. and the truth is, we made a mistake. >> big-time. welcome back to "the ed show." "60 minutes" correspondent lara logan apologized for a report which featured a false witness account of the benghazi
5:37 pm
terrorist attack. but a 90-second apology buried at the end of the broadcast won't undo the actual damage already caused by the false report. according to media matters on october 28th, fox news devoted more than 47 minutes over the course of the 13 segments on 11 different shows to the flawed cbs news report. even republican lawmakers use it to push their benghazi scandalnar testify. narrative. >> 14 months into this, after the "60 minutes" story how can i go to families and tell them you've been told all there is to know about benghazi when we have never been able to talk to the people who lived through the attack themselves? how can i explain to the people in my home state and throughout the country the story they told us about benghazi holds water after the "60 minutes" story? >> well, it should be a hell of a lot easier now, senator. back in 2004, the conservatives wouldn't stand for questionable
5:38 pm
sources, because it threatened one of their own. that year, a "60 minutes 2" report claimed to have documents that claimed president george w. bush received preferential treatment in the texas national guard. those documents were called into question. cbs "evening news" anchor dan rather was made into a scapegoat and eventually stepped down. three executives were also fired. my question is, where's the conservative outrage now? because benghazi has been the focal point of conservative senators to bring down this president and also ruin the reputation of secretary of state hillary clinton. this has been the focal point of what they have tried to do, and now that we have a vetted story, full disclosure, oh, the guy was a fraud, we're sorry. oh, we probably should have put him on. how about doing some checking? or have they fired all the interns over there? joining me now is our rapid
5:39 pm
response panel, katrina vanden hueuvel of nation magazine and media matters for america. journalistic justice. katrina, has it been done? >> no, it hasn't been done. we saw a pathetically inadequate apology the other evening and we're witnessing egregious double standard in terms of handling this. do conservatives have an egrejous double standard toward truth? does reality have a liberal bias? in this case, the bashing of, quote, liberal bias makes no sense at all, ed. what does make sense, an independent review is needed. if there was an independent review, as there was in 2004, for a story that dan rather was part of, which, by the way, the commission later said that they couldn't decide if these documents were forged. there was no partisan consideration on the part of cbs then. but we need an independent investigation. because, let's face it, the media is on trial here too. i mean, people have a right to their own opinions, but not to their own facts. and they, cbs, put an imposter
5:40 pm
to the truth on television. bearing responsibility for it. >> imposter is the correct word. eric, your take. >> if you look at the national guard, cbs were so spooked, it was the right wing media, bush campaign, rnc, under the gun, appointed a special independent review. they took three months, interviewed 66 people, issued a 220-page report, as you said, four employees fired, dan rather demoted, "60 minutes" to cancel. and for benghazi, a 90-second correction? that is such a blatant standard. if cbs wants to get to the bottom of this, they need to do an outside review. any kind of review. there is no indication they're interested in how did they spend a year on this story that turned into a colossal embarrassment. >> how did the guy get on the air? >> it's like journalism 101 failure. i mean, you -- did anyone check with the fbi? >> no. >> they spent a year on and by
5:41 pm
the way. the other double standard is dan rather came on to anchor the report. he wasn't deeply involved in the reporting of it. i think one of the things we have to remember, cbs is a major corporation, ed of the it has regulatory work to be done in washington. it needs favors to be done. and there, you know, cbs, "620 minutes" is a cash cow for them. cbs "60 minutes 2" was not. i think it's very shameful cbs decided to execute dan rather. 44 years of a life with a network and the vindictiveness should be not deployed on dan rather but aimed not vindictiveness but the search for the truth. do we need a lap dog media or watchdog media? >> the political implications of this erroneous report reflecting on the president, and being picked up by the network that wants to see him fail, and senators who want to see him fail. the damage is done in many respects. >> oh, yeah, absolutely.
5:42 pm
you know, and lindsey graham can say, even "60 minutes" when republican senators were saying, even cbs news agrees that benghazi, there has been a cover-up or things like. that this was a clear attempt to legitimize that story. for cbs to may into that right wing noise machine, they've got to boost the ratings, all the right wing media talked about it the next day. and now they have a colossal embarrassment. and they refuse to get to the bottom of it, the way they got to the bottom of the national -- >> and also, possibly, if there was an independent review, it may emerge that their -- cbs's imprint, the simon and schuster conservative imprint threshold run by former cheney adviser, mary madeline, may have said, hey, i have someone who has a great book. and there was a commitment, perhaps, and this is what an independent investigation would reveal. was that agreement made in essence paying someone to go on "60 minutes" which is a violation of new shoes. they won't do that. these companies today are not
5:43 pm
just news organizations. they have vast operations. and this imprint is a measure of a corporate self interest dealing. >> well. >> conflict of interest. >> conflict of interest that cbs did not disclose in the original report. >> another element here, hillary clinton. >> oh, yeah. >> she has always been a political target by conservatives. had she not been secretary of state, would they have gone that far? it looks to me like this guy was a total plant to the story, and -- people around him knew that this was happening. that's what it looks like. tlmplt tlmplths. >> there is a role for national security reporting. this was not it by any measure. and in the absence of watchdog accountability, national security journalism, you get this kind of lap dog stuff. and by the way, it ends up where you start relying on whistle blowers and leakers for the news you need. >> yeah. well, is this going to put an end to the benghazi witch hunt? >> i think, no. for the right wing media, this will -- you say, because it's tied to hillary clinton. if she runs for president, 2016. all of that is going to be played out. the question is, will sort of
5:44 pm
the mainstream media and legitimate media stop trying to sort of dip their toes into the conspiracy waters, which is exactly what cbs was trying to do, and will they deal with it, what it is, which is sort of right wing rhetoric. >> and what's the restitution at this point? >> oh, i think an independent investigation. and i think the media, as a whole, put aside left and right. this is about the integrity of the media. and i think there needs to be a campaign to push not just -- cbs becomes the model right now to have an independent investigation. >> okay. >> for the sake of journalism. >> katrina vanden huevel, eric bull effort great to have you. coming up, a trade agreement poses a major threat to labor and veterans in this country. stay with us. t her to warp. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover and maximize resources in extreme conditions. our current situation seems rather extreme.
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and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan. and in pretenders tonight, optional reality. sarah palin, sarah barracuda, spoke at iowa's faith and freedom coalition. she didn't need to write oppose
5:49 pm
on her hand this time, but did try to rewrite how our national debt works. >> our free stuff today is being paid for by taking money from our children, and borrowing from china. when that note comes due -- and this isn't racist -- try it. try it anyway. this isn't racist. but it's going to be like slavery when that note is due, right? we're going to be beholden to a foreign master. >> palin has never been shy about using slavery analogies with our first african-american president. >> he is bringing us back, sean, to days that -- you can harken back to days before the civil war, when, unfortunately, too many americans mistakenly believed that not all men were created equal. >> no, palin isn't racist.
5:50 pm
she would never dream of exploiting our nation's troubled history with race to back up her warped agenda and wrong facts. palin isn't trying to make sense. she is trying to make a profit. if sarah palin thinks racially inaccuracies as anything but self-promotion, she can keep on pretending. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. and on this veterans day, i thought that we would do this story tonight because the veterans are out there protecting america. and what kind of job market are they coming home to? we honor our vets. do we really? a trade deal being negotiated behind closed doors will have major negative impacts on wage earners and veterans in this country. the trans-pacific partnership or tpp is aimed at establishing a free trade block stretching from vietnam to south korea. it would cover about one-third of the world trade and 40% of the global economy. got your attention yet? the tpp is about making rules to favor big business at the expense of wage earners and the rest of the population in other countries. the pact has been negotiated by multinationals in secret. and vietnam is a major focus.
5:55 pm
manufacturing jobs are already moving from china to vietnam because big multinational corporations are looking for places with lower wages and fewer environmental regulations. they don't know what regulations are in vietnam. the tpp will devastate service and manufacturing jobs in the united states. since nafta passed in 1994, president bush and clinton and now obama says u.s. exports will grow. but an estimated 5 million manufacturing jobs have been lost and over 60,000 factories have been closed. it doesn't add up. instead of prioritizing u.s. workers' rights, living wages, standards, and environmental standards, as a whole they are asking congress give us the stamp of approval on the tpp. we're being forced to choose between cutting pay or exporting our jobs to lower wage nations. the standard of living in america will go down if this big trade deal goes through.
5:56 pm
i just thought i'd mention it to the democrats, if they're paying attention to this. democrats in congress need to tell the president they oppose the tpp. i don't know how the democrats can go home and say that they are for the middle class and they're for workers and they're for working families and then give a stamp of approval on something like this. this cuts to the guts and the heart and soul of our economy. we will never rebuild the middle class in this country if we rubber stamp deals like this. larry cohen joins me tonight. mr. cohen, great to have you with us. why this angle about veterans, how does this really apply to veterans in a big whey when they want to cycle back into the economy after serving their country. >> well, first of all, the unemployment rate for recent veterans, those who have served since 2001 is 50% higher than the population as a whole.
5:57 pm
secondly, the question is when it comes to food stamps or health care or anything else, do we really care about veterans or do we just give them free tickets to ball games? so this is about really squaring up where is our commitment to our own economy, to working class families, which is where most veterans come from including the majority of our members. and what we're really doing versus what we're saying. we say one thing, veterans come first, we do another as we cut the standard of living, ship out service sector, i.t., and manufacturing jobs by the tens of thousands every month. >> what would you say to an elected official who advocates supporting the middle class and then would give a stamp of approval on the tpp? >> i'd say that they're talking out of both sides of their mouth, frankly. and more than 150 democrats in the house have signed the letter to the president saying we don't support tpp in this form and not seeing it.
5:58 pm
and we don't support fast track which means that we'll never get a look at this. so i awe plaud them. and there's republicans with their own letter. i don't know the count on that one. and we say to the white house and this president we need to go back to where we were in 2007, 2008 on that campaign trail and let's see trade agreements that put workers' rights, environmental rights, food safety first and not the profits of multinational corporations. who do what they're spoeds to do. they maximize profits for their shareholders. we need to do what we're supposed to do. look out for the american people and fight for trade policy, not just foreign policy. that's the other issue here. >> there's a trip coming up, the vice president joe biden who has been a real friend of labor his entire career to push this trade deal. your thoughts on that? what would you say to him? >> i'd say to him, mr. vice
5:59 pm
president, we agree on many things but we couldn't disagree more on this one. please don't keep telling us about exports and not measure imports. since the asia agreement was passed two years ago, the deficit with korea has doubled. in the last 20 years, our trade deficit is up almost 500%. these deals are not working for america. they don't work for working families. and we will fight these deals as hard as it takes and as long as it takes. >> so the big corporations are the only one who is are going to benefit from this pocket? >> yes. and they've benefitted from every one of them because as they say to their shareholders, we make our profits anywhere in the world we can. and then we keep those profits right now overseas. we don't bring them back. and we don't invest them in this country. we are way off the mark here. and we need to correct this. we need to stand up and say to lawmakers regardless of their party, we've had enough of these trade deals. we are fighting back. >> now, now between the end of the year


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